A recent study has claimed that children should be banned from playing rugby due to concerns over their safety.

However, opinions differ on how safe it is to play rugby. The study in The Times claimed that not enough is being done to prevent head collisions during training and games.

Under England RFU guidelines there are strict regulations that should be adhered to when training with kids. The rules around tackling and safety also change for different age categories. More specifically, regulation 15 goes through all the stages and appropriate rules of play for the kids regarding age, group size and tackling information.

Liverpool Collegiate RUFC chairpersons Robert and Dee Newby provided Mersey Sport Live with an exclusive insight of what it is like to train youngsters and provide an positive environment for development and safety in the game.

Robert has years of experience playing and teaching rugby. As the current under 12’s coach, he has good insight of how to teach tackling in the early stages of the game.