Liverpool is a passionate sporting city. Football may dominate but Mixed Martial Arts has fast become popular. 

The popularity and involvement within the MMA scene across has dramatically increased in recent years. This comes with the rise of scouse stars Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett and “Meatball” Molly McCann.

The recent successes of these two Scousers has captured the attention of the city and beyond.  

Both Pimblett and McCann have captured the attention fight fans and not just in MMA, they have become household names, even for those who are new to MMA. They are both colourful larger than life characters and give controversial and animated press conferences to help promote their sport and inspire amateur fighters in the city.

Aled Edwards, is one of those: “I was never particularly interested in MMA, I was more into my boxing. Although, seeing Paddy coming into the UFC, I started watching the sport”.

He continued: “I’ve got my first fight coming up soon, I’m feeling confident, but I never thought I would be preparing for my first MMA fight”.

When asked about why people are getting into MMA recently, Edwards said: “Every time I train, I see new people in the gym, loads more people are getting into the sport. I feel like Paddy, Molly McCann and Darren Till have inspired a lot of people to look into starting MMA. They certainly got me into it”.

Edwards said “There is a strong sense of community within MMA in Liverpool nowadays, it’s also improved my mental health”.

MMA, and especially UFC have experienced more exposure recently, with the sport reaching mainstream news outlets, and being broadcast on BT Sport every weekend. This has also showcased the fitness levels needed. 

Mixed Martial Arts is becoming a more in demand sport, has meant it is also more accessible for all ages and abilities. This has meant more classes and training opportunities for everyone wanting to start the sport at a grassroots level.

MMA training gyms are more common, with many chances to sign up and start training alongside experienced fighters. 

Overall, support of MMA is growing rapidly in Liverpool, and shows no signs of slowing down. With many amateurs such as Aled Edwards joining the sport, it is bound to get even bigger and more attractive for young people.