Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has defended the club raising season ticket prices saying, “Each pound we’ve earned went directly back into football.”

This follows a recent statement from the club revealing that season ticket prices would be rising a further 2% for the 24/25 season.

Klopp has defended the club’s decision and said every pound would be put directly back into football.

“We are a self-sustaining club, as long as I’ve been here I can tell everybody each pound we’ve earned went directly back into football.

“That was always the case, it’s not wasted on something.

“The club is doing things for the community, so there are a lot of good things you can say about what the club is doing.

“But I understand 100 per cent where the supporters are coming from and I’m pretty sure they will find a solution to the situation.”

Liverpool supporters have responded by stripping the Kop of all flags in protest for the Europa League quarter-final against Atalanta on Thursday (April 12th).

Liverpool fans in the Kop with their famous flags.

The Liverpool manager understands fans frustrations but doesn’t think it will effect the atmosphere on Thursday night.

“The flags aren’t there no, but as long as the people are there it’s all good.

“I understand the concerns and the discussions, it’s a tricky one from my point of view, I didn’t even know about it until Tony told me pretty much before the press conference.

“My opinion is clear, we want to have people in the stadium, we want to make it available to everybody.”

“But what we should make sure is that nothing gets between us and the supporters… we just have to be Liverpool and that’s what I’m asking for.

“It would be worse if tomorrow only the flags were in the stand and nobody else… we had that and we don’t want to have that again.

“So this way is okay and they’ll find a solution I’m sure.”

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