Merseyside Police are investigating alleged online ticket touting offences involving Everton fans.

The investigation follows complaints by fellow Blues supporters who say they have been overcharged or sold fraudulent tickets.

On Social media, Merseyside Police have made their intention clear to clamp down on ticket touters and fraudulent ticket-selling

Everton FC is aware of the situation and is supporting police with the investigation.

The club have previously made it clear that it does not tolerate any form of touting.

Ticket prices have recently been a hot topic in Merseyside, with rival Liverpool fans having disputes with their board.

The 2% increase in tickets set by Fenway Sports Group led to a fan group initiative to remove all flags in the Kop during Thursday’s defeat to Atalanta.

A resolution with fans and the Liverpool board has since been made.

LFC “confirmed the decision on 2% rise will not be reversed” but agreed to “improve engagement approach” with fans.