Liverpool’s Rock was accused of burglary leading him to flee to Asia for 10 years and master Mixed Martial Arts.

Moreover, Rock now trains at Liverpool’s Next Generation Gym alongside UFC fighters Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann.

Now 30 years old Shem Rock is main eventing Oktagon 56 in Birmingham as he takes on Stefano Catacoli.

Rock boasts an impressive MMA record of nine victories and one loss and told Merseysportlive his fight prediction against Catacoli.

“I’m in a War Mode ready to kill somebody. Controlled violence pressure from the of go clattering gloves of his face bouncing his head of the canvas.

“I think I knock him out early on because he will walk on to something.”

Shem Rock Liverpool Crown Court

Shem Rock currently has a four-fight deal with Oktagon but believes a future in the UFC is a possibility.

“This life is crazy I could break my leg tomorrow or end up in the UFC after four fights”.

The lightweight fighter, raised in Liverpool told Merseysportlive about his humble beginnings.

“I’m from Liverpool working class family half dragged up half brought up. I was up to no good when I was younger. I ended up going on the run went to Asia.

“Ended up finding martial arts using martial arts to change my life started competing didn’t have any aspirations to become a professional MMA fighter so that’s the craziest part of it.

“Did ten years on the run. Beat the case got a not guilty. Came back and now I’m the Oktagon UK poster boy.”

The Scouse fighter initially learned Jiu Jitsu and represented Britain in the World Championships abroad.

Rock moved to Ireland to improve his striking and was trained by John Kavanagh who coaches Conor McGregor.

However, Rock revealed he separated from John Kavanagh due to the Liverpool star being wanted by the Police.

“Obviously John had his gym, and I was a wanted criminal on the run he’s obviously got to look after his own thing so he said I could train there no more we went our separate ways.”

“I believe everything happens for a reason. If I never got kicked out, I never would have found the Dublin Combat academy and met up with Denis.

“It was just another chapter in the story and a bit more adversity to push through.

“Me and John are on good terms. John has invited me back to train recently so I can always pass through when I’m in Dublin.”

Now an MMA star Rock told MerseySportLive he finds more pressure from being a role model to kids as opposed to fighting in the Octagon.

“That’s the harder pressure than getting in there and fighting sometimes your just being yourself and you forget who is watching.

“I don’t want to push no bad products that may be a bad influence on young kids, monster energy drinks, alcohol, drugs,

“Sometimes you just forget and your living your life, I do try and be the best role model I can be.

“I do have to be super selfish to get the best platform and be as big as I can so in the future I can give back.

“Its hard lad, you want to give more than you can, but at the same time you haven’t got enough to give lad, it’s a never-ending cycle bro.”

Shem Rock is a submission specialist and has won his last two fights via the rear naked choke in the first round.

And we can expect to see the same this weekend against Stefano Catacoli.