Everton are continuing to search for third party investment in order to complete a projected takeover with Miami-based investment group, 777.

On Monday, it was reported by Bloomberg that the clubs main financial adviser in Deloitte was actively seeking new potential sports-funding investors in order to get the 777 deal over the line.

The BBC have now reported this as ‘standard practice contingency planning’ and that this process will help identify potential lenders other than 777.

Despite reports of Everton seeking alternative buyers, it is now understood that full focus is on the 777 deal and that there are no other parties waiting on the wing if this deal was to fall through.

This comes after sources close to Farhad Moshiri confirmed to BBC Sport that Everton are “still working on a deal with 777”.

So far 221 days have passed since the proposed takeover of Everton from 777 was announced. Since then, the American’s have loaned £180 million to Everton for day-to-day running costs, which will be turned to equity once the deal is complete.

However, £158 million is owned to MSP Sport Capital, which is the current stumbling block holding back takeover proceedings for 777. Once this debt is settled, proceedings with 777’s take over are predicted to be completed soon after.