Former Everton forward Anthony Gordon has opened up about his love for psychology and how mental preparation has aided his game.

The Newcastle winger, speaking on The Overlap, discussed how his love for psychology has aided and made him a better footballer.

Gordon said: “I just love learning stuff, and throughout me growing up, I have taken a loving to learning about psychology.”

He spoke about how after his career he could see himself trying his hand in the world of psychology.

Gordon added: “I was speaking to a coach once, I think it’s my end calling that it may have something to do with that.

“The psychology route, I think that may be my end goal, like I said I am so invested in that.

“That it probably has to come to fruition at some point.”

The former Toffees favourite spoke about how his preparation has changed to include a mix of meditation and visualisation methods.

“Three days I will set out,” he said.

“I try not to think too much of the game, so I do a lot of meditation, visualisation and a lot of goals.

“Visualisation will definitely be on what would happen in a game, then I have already relived it.

“All I must do in the moment is to be present. I can trust my ability and not overthink it.”

Gordon spoke on how other players maybe similar to him, but have yet to speak out on mental preparations.

“There might be people who do the same thing, maybe they just have not spoken about it.

“Some footballers like to think less and trust their instincts. I just love the mindset of getting myself to that place before I am already there.

The Newcastle forward spoke highly of Mohamed Salah and how he has been an inspiration to him delving deeper into psychology.

“I heard Salah talk about it, that gave me even more interest, because I see him as an absolute machine.

“He is a winner and if you are learning and listening to people like that. You cannot go wrong.”

Gordon spoke about how meditation before games would be a coping mechanism in helping avoid rash emotion thoughts.

“It is a coping mechanism, how to handle pressure of playing and that’s what the meditation and the visualisation are.

“I can react from a higher perspective than my emotions, because being emotional in sport is no good.”

And he delved deeper into emotions and how this has aided being able to digest post-match criticism.

“I cannot sleep. I am normally just thinking about the bad things, some good things, but mostly the bad things

“So seeing what and how I have done it. Is a big help.”

(Featured pic from Alamy Images under licence)