‘Going to the match’ exhibition has been unveiled in an art exhibition at Birkenhead’s Williamson art gallery.

The exhibition will be showing off works, including the famous Lowry painting, ‘Going to the match’.

Project lead Julia Redhead spoke to Merseysportlive on how the painting symbolises that feeling of going to the football.


She said: “We see with ‘Going to the match’ that it is that ritual of people coming together for football.

“People can identify with this. Even if you take out the mid-20th century setting. You can still get identify with it.”

Going to the match description. - Taken by Scott Ennis
Going to the match description. – Taken by Scott Ennis

The ‘Going to the match’ piece is a depiction of football fans heading together towards Bolton Wanderers former stadium Burnden Park.

Ms Redhead spoke about the history of the piece and how it connects both art and football.

“Going to the match’ painting was painted in 1953, this was for an FA authorised competition.

“This was called football and the fine arts, it came out a prize winner against many around the country.”

The exhibition is looking to promote the main Lowry piece, but also will be promoting other football pieces.

Ms Redhead hailed the support from the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation, who were instrumental in the exhibition.

She added: “We had the support from the Lowry in Salford, who had the support from the local art council and the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation.

“They were able to send us the painting, alongside support from the Law family foundation. To send the painting on tour.”

Williamson Art Gallery will have the painting until the end of July.

They hope that the Lowry painting will be able to show off their less known works.

“We might not have works which are as iconic as Lowry, or works which are as iconic about football.

“But the idea of the exhibition is to explore these themes and many more.”