The Summer of 2019 will be remembered for two stunning tournaments of cricket.

England played host to the Cricket World Cup and The Ashes in the same Summer for the first time since 1975, with Joe Root leading the nation to their first ever World Cup victory after a pulsating match against New Zealand.

Such a summer has had a positive affect on amateur cricket across the country in getting new players involved.

We spoke to Wavertree born Alex Fitzgerald, who captained the Newton-le-Willows’ second XI as they gained promotion to the Premier Division, to find out more about amateur cricket within the city.

“I feel the sheer emotion caused by The Ashes alone has fuelled the fire for more participation.

“The excitement caused by the country winning the World Cup has driven potential up for new cricketers coming to the game next season, too.

“The need for kids to get involved in the sport in our region is pivotal to its continued development.

“Both events happened towards the end of summer and the cricket season which was unfortunate. Hopefully we don’t lose the interest that this summer created.”

Alex [Fourth from right, top row] and his teammates celebrate their title victory.
The 25-year-old believes participation had dropped prior to the summer, but that the league is in good hands.

“Participation levels have certainly dropped over the last five years and that has had an impact.

“The competition is strong in the city, though. It really delivers a structured and well managed product to the young and older people of Liverpool.

“It creates an environment which is assessed and approved by the ECB, the clubs are generally ran quite well.

“We’re lucky enough to have a groundsman who keeps the ground looking as one of the best in Liverpool too, which is a bonus.”

The number of people playing cricket in England has decreased by over 70,000 between 2016 and 2018 according to IBISInsider.

However, the Liverpool and District senior league is alive and well and after an eye catching summer at the crease, there is plenty of potential for the new season.

(Photo credited to Alex’s social media accounts)