Liverpool are well on their way to being crowned Premier League champions for the first time ever and League champions for the first time in 30 years. It has been a phenomenal season with the possibility of breaking not one, but two of the most impressive records in Premier League history. Those being: going the entire season unbeaten and earning the most points ever in a season, that being 100. However, there is something that has never been achieved in Premier League history and that has not been done since the 1800s and the Reds are well on course to do it.

No side has ever won every single home league game in a single league season in the Premier League. Liverpool have won all 13 of their home league games this campaign and with just six home games left that record is very much within reach. The teams they have left to play are West Ham, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Burnley and Chelsea; all teams Liverpool have beaten away this season.


Liverpool home record this season:

Game Result
Liverpool VS Norwich 4-1
Liverpool VS Arsenal 3-1
Liverpool VS Newcastle 3-1
Liverpool VS Leicester 2-1
Liverpool VS Tottenham 2-1
Liverpool VS Manchester City 3-1
Liverpool VS Brighton 2-1
Liverpool VS Everton 5-2
Liverpool VS Watford 2-0
Liverpool VS Wolves 1-0
Liverpool VS Sheffield Utd. 2-0
Liverpool VS Man Utd 2-0
Liverpool VS Southampton 4-0


Manchester City came closest to setting this record last season. They won 18 of their 19 home league games with the only blip on that record being a 3-2 defeat to Crystal palace. Sunderland are the only side to ever win every home game in the league and that was all the way back in 1891/92 and they only played 13 that season, the same number Liverpool have played.

At home this season Liverpool have scored an impressive 35 goals and conceded just nine. The last time they conceded a league goal at Anfield was December 4th against Everton. Their record at Anfield continues to get better and better so it would be no surprise if they did make Premier League history.

(Robert Cutts licensed by creative commons)