A cricket academy based in Merseyside are hopeful their plans for coaching during the summer term can take place.

Academy North is a local cricket academy with branches in Southport, Birkenhead and Birkdale.

They strive to create opportunities for all cricketers and are hopeful that their 2021 plans aren’t derailed by further COVID-19 restrictions.

The academy allows members from all ages, with the age range currently between 9 and 59.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a stop to the world and the lockdowns have meant that certain level sports have had to take a long postponement.

Cricket was one of them but Academy north have taken steps to ensure that fans and players still have something to look forward to going forward.

Their summer plans include school camps, mini tournaments and tours abroad including an October trip to Barbados.

During the lockdown they also set up a weekly podcast which thanks to their well known guests, really took off and grew into something big and gave people something to listen to during these unusual times.

Academy North Director Matty Jackson spoke to Merseysportlive,  providing insight on how the academy has coped during lockdown and explained what their long term plans are.

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Photo credit: Academy North Twitter page