Liverpool have been fantastic this season, a cut above the rest.

They find themselves 25 points ahead of the current league holders, Manchester City.

Top flight clubs have at least nine matches left to play this season with plenty yet to be decided.

While Liverpool are running away with the title, the relegation battle and the race for the European places are still unsettled.

However, ongoing problems surrounding the coronavirus has meant the Premier League has been put on hold, with many questions up in the air.

While many Liverpool fans fear that the season will be declared null and void, we looked back to see if anything like this happened in recent football history.

And despite different circumstances, it happened in the Chilean league just last year!

In Chile, last season’s Campeonato Nacional football season was suspended in mid-October due to widespread anti-government demonstrations, with just six fixtures left play.

Protests were triggered by an announcement that public transport fares would rise in the capital, Santiago.

Demonstrations spread across the country and grew into a revolt against inequality, the high price of health care and poor funding for education.

Strong repression by the security forces further stoked the anger of those protesting as did the response by President Sebastián Pinera, who declared a state of emergency and said the country was “at war”.

As a result, at least 26 people have been killed and hundreds injured in the unrest.

When Chile’s football authorities voted to conclude the season in November following failed attempts to resume the season, the title was awarded to Club Deportivo Universidad Catolica.

Universidad Catolica had been leading the league by a comfortable 13 points at the time.

Also, no teams were relegated to the second tier, Primera B, at the end of the season.

Instead, the top division was expanded in 2020 from 16 to 18 teams, with the top two teams from Primera B promoted.

This included second-place Deportivo La Serna, who would have qualified for a promotion playoff had the season been completed, and at the time of suspension, were ahead of third-place Nublense by just one point.

With no one really knowing what’s going to happen with the pandemic, the Premier League may adopt the same strategy.

This would mean Liverpool claiming their first Premier League title.

And while West Brom and Leeds United would be promoted into the Premier League, the top flight would have a 22-team league next season with no clubs relegated this year.

However, there are lots of “ifs” and “buts” ahead of us until then.

(Picture by- Kelvin Stuttard (– Under the creative commons licence)