All Stars Cricket and Dynamos Cricket will be suspended due to Covid-19.

This comes a week after the ECB suspended the professional and recreational cricket season.

At the moment, the cricket season is in doubt with this summer due to the pandemic.

Like every sport, they do not know what dates they can put in place due to not knowing how long the virus is going to effect the nation.

In a statement, the ECB said: “Following the ECB’s announcement that all recreational cricket will be suspended until further notice, this unfortunately encompasses both the All Stars Cricket and Dynamos Cricket programmes.”

With the constant changes surrounding the virus, it is still unsure whether or not the Cricket season will even go ahead at all.

What is All Stars Cricket and how will it be affected?

All Stars Cricket is for the ages of 5-8 years old and give them their first experience in Cricket.

It consists of 8 weeks of fun for the children to help enjoy their time in summer as well as have fun with new friends.

Sadly, this has been massively affected by the virus and has to be push back for the safety of the Cricket community.

What Is Dynamos Cricket and how will it be affected?

Dynamos Cricket is the exact same as All Stars Cricket except it is for ages of 8-11 years of age.

This is a fun and social way to help children understand the sport as well as have fun in the summer months.

The effects of Covid-19 are massive on cricket as it falls just before the cricket season begins.

With the suspension of recreational Cricket, these programmes have to get suspended but will look to get back underway at the back end of May, according to the English Cricket Board.

That is all dependent on the country’s lock down and how long Covid-19 will remain threat until a vaccination is found.