Since the proposal of “Project Big Picture”, many would have expected controversy and that’s what they’ve got.

After virtual meetings took place on Wednesday, Premier League clubs have rejected the initial proposals for “Project Big Picture”. However, they did agree to create an emergency financial package for clubs in League One and League Two.

The proposed “big six power grab” ensured the biggest teams profit handsomely. But what surprised the football community the most, is the huge support it received from lower league teams. This is most likely due to the financial strain they are under due to Coronavirus.

The plan would have seen teams from the Championship, League One and League two given £250 million right now to split amongst themselves. As well as every future TV deal the Premier League secure, teams from the EFL will receive 25% revenue. But for now, they will have to settle for the emergency package, which includes grants and interest-free loans totaling to £50m.

The EFL, stated the majority of its clubs overwhelmingly supported Project Big Picture plans following meetings with chairman Rick Parry. Championship clubs have been asking for a bail out from the government for some time, many believe Project Big Picture was announced as an attempt to seize an opportunity to gain more backing that they may not have got if everyone was financially stable.

After the proposal was rejected, managers have been having their say on matters. Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta for example, suggests clubs must help each other to “make football more sustainable”. While Steve Bruce, current Newcastle boss, believes the plans were “flawed” and insists he was “quietly confident” they would be dismissed.

With sports around the world adopting more Americanised league systems, it’s not a surprise the Premier League will soon get its own revamp. An 18 team league? The creation of a European Super League? No one knows for sure but for now, it will remain an idea in the pipeline which will leave clubs, players and fans alike wondering what’s in store for their sport.