The second national lockdown is another kick in the teeth for local sports.

Will action return to the field soon – and how will less high profile sports survive?

American Football in the UK is bigger than you may think.

There is a national league made up of almost 100 competing teams as well as youth and junior squads.

And Liverpool’s team Merseyside Nighthawks have been among the many across the UK trying hard to keep afloat during the second lockdown.

Andrew Taylor, Merseyside Nighthawks social media officer, told Merseysportlive that November is normally a key time in their recruitment process.

“November is when we start to look at planning our recruitment and start trying to get people in,” he said.

“The lockdown is going to have a significant impact.

“We were hoping to do a month’s drive of recruitment in November and get people in earlier.”

Because of this temporary hold up, the Nighthawks are going to struggle to get their side up and on the field in time for the 2020/21 season.

Andrew added: “We probably won’t get onto the field until March at best. Our season usually starts in April and May.

“If our schedule stays the same and we start the season in April and May, then we may not even have four to six weeks training.

“We usually reach our peak training in April but this year that won’t be able to happen.”

In an attempt to try and overcome some of the challenges that this lockdown is bringing the team.

The Knighthawks have partnered with a company called ‘Give To Local’ in effort to raise the clubs funds as well as the team’s ability to get more people involved in the sport.

Andrew said: “Give to Local have provided us with a platform for us to raise money by micro-donations.

“They have also made us a ‘Focus Club’ as they were really impressed with our ability to get things done and what we wanted to achieve.

“They have provided us with a four-week challenge to try get as much donations on board and as many users on board as we can.

“Give To Local then go out and find us sponsors to help the team have a sustainable income.

“This could mean £3 a month for a donor and maybe £7 a month for a sponsor.

“This is the first season we have partnered together, and it should set us up nicely for the beginning of next season.

“This means we will have the appropriate funds to get going right away.”

In all the toils and troubles in an unprecedented year, it is heartening to see two organisations coming together to help grow the sport in any way they can.

The link is at the bottom of this article if you wish to become a donor for the Merseyside Nighthawks.