Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti weighed in on a potential return to allowing five substitutions, suggesting that currently not enough is being done to protect players.

“If five substitutions helps just a little for the welfare of the players it could be, in my opinion, good,” he said.

“At this moment, no one takes care of the welfare of the players.”

But Ancelotti added that he was not sure a change to five would make a significant difference, given the busy schedule.

Ancelotti is not the first merseyside manager to speak out.

Across town, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp has publicly criticised the Premier League’s decision to revert back to the traditional three subs.

The German manager’s side has seemingly taken the brunt of a very compact schedule, currently having six first team players out injured.

The Reds will also be without star forward Mo Salah, being required to self isolate following two positive covid tests.

Following the EFL’s decision on Wednesday the Premier League is the only top major European League that limits its teams to only three substitutions.

Fifteen Premier League managers have agreed to a change in the rules following a meeting on Wednesday.

several managers having changed their viewpoint from earlier in the season following the increase in muscular injuries from the compact schedule.

Fans across the Premier League, and particularly fans of the Reds, will be hoping that an increase in the number of substitutions will allow managers to better manage their squad and to reduce the number of injuries.