Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has insisted rumours of him quitting or taking a break are not true despite problems on and off the field.

Ahead of Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League clash against RB Leipzig, the German was quick to rubbish the statements swirling around on social media.

“Neither nor are true (about getting sacked or taking a break). I don’t need a break,” he said.

“The last thing I want to do is talk about personal things in a press conference.

“Everybody knows, privately we had an absolutely tough time, but that is not just for three weeks now.

“That was a much longer time already and we always deal with it as a family, 100%.”

Klopp added that he is able to separate his personal and worklife whatever the circumstances.

“I don’t carry things around if I’m private then I’m private, if I’m in football or a workplace, then I’m here.

“Of course, we are influenced by things that happen around us, but nobody has to worry about me.”

He then joked about his appearance but reassured fans that he is full of energy and committed to the job at hand.

“I might not look this; because the weather is not cool and I’m white and the beard gets more and more grey, all these kind of things.

“Yes, I don’t sleep a lot, that’s all true.

“But I’m full of energy, the situation is a challenge.

“I see it more as, no I don’t want to be (in this situation), but we are and it’s an interesting challenge.”

On Sunday, Liverpool fans unveiled a banner outside of Anfield in support of the manager, reading ‘Jurgen Klopp YNWA’.

Klopp recognises the frustration of fans unable to show their gratitude inside of the stadium, but he says he appreciates the support in these tough times.

“We do this for the people. That will never change.

“I feel responsible so much when things don’t go well.

“The majority of our people are still and maybe even more so with us.

“It’s nice to hear and nice to feel but I would prefer to fight this fight we are in at the minute with our people in the stadium.

“If the stadium was to be full for the next ten games I would really love to fight together against this. We fight together obviously, just in different places.

“Knowing about the support is great.”