Formula One and the Premier League may seem like two sporting worlds apart.

While many Premier League stars turn up to training in expensive Ferraris, it won’t quite capture the feeling of tearing around the streets of Monaco at over 170mph.

However, if they were to perform a ‘Freaky Friday’ switch up, which F1 team would take the place of your favourite Premier League club?

Today we’ve made these world’s collide and as it turns out, they have a lot more in common than you would think!

Ferrari – Liverpool

Despite being over 1800km apart, the streets of Maranelo and the city of Liverpool share a rich sporting tapestry.

Both these sides have reached untold greatness, and have become the most successful teams in their respective fields.

Whilst both have seen peaks and troughs in performance, they remain a crucial and irreplaceable part of sporting history and are on track to add more silverware to the trophy cabinet in 2022.

Red Bull – Man City

These teams were late to the party, but they have surely made an everlasting impression on their rivals.

Multiple title wins and a smorgasbord of young talent will ensure that although they aren’t a side with elite history, they will be a team with a highly successful future.

Mercedes – Man United
An historic background and previous dominance has dissolved into disappointment in 2022!
Both these sides have struggled to keep up with the competition – even with a G.O.A.T in the driving seat.
McLaren – Arsenal

These sides have recovered from early disaster to become regular success stories in 2022, and are very capable of keeping pace with the top teams.

However, their future as title contenders are placed firmly on the shoulders of a British rookie (or two).

Alpine – West Ham

Surprise! If they find form, both teams possess winning ability with a mixture of sprightly youngsters who are knocking on the door of greatness.

However, for the most part, they have to rely on the talent and consistency of old veterans to pull off a good result.

Aston Martin – Newcastle United

These teams are former greats of their respective sports, but have struggled to make an impression in the modern era.

However, with new ownership and billionaire owners at the wheel, a return to their former glory is well within reach.

Haas – Spurs
These sides have found new life in 2022, stringing together consistent performances to cement themselves as a genuine midfield contender.
This new success is mainly due to the patience and brilliance of management who has overcome past disappointment to finally deliver to the team’s loyal fanbase.

Williams – Norwich

Losing has started to become a major part of both these sides’ identities in recent years and are consistently last with very little hope of catching up.

Although both are now under new management, very little has changed, leaving their time in the top flight extremely limited.

Alfa Romeo – Leicester City

Past champions with ageing centre pieces that seem more likely to be found at the local pub.

However, they do possess the ability and the resources to be further up the standings and will pull out a great result every so often against one of the top teams, but only if their star men feel like it.

Alpha Tauri – Everton

Disappointment has plagued the season for both these sides.

In 2021, both impressed with their ability to produce a surprise result, despite running a very young and inexperienced line-up.

However, this luck has not continued in 2022, and both teams have fallen to the back of a very competitive field.

Featured Image Credit: Mehdi Bolourian and Jen Ross (Creative Commons)