EFL cup semi finals

After a glorious 2-1 quarter finals victory over league ones Peterborough, Tranmere continue their fairytale story in the EFL trophy.

Now facing another league one side, Oxford on Tuesday night, Tranmere will be given the chance to return to Wembley in the final. The semifinal will be at Oxford, but Tranmere have defeated teams higher than them before and will fully believe the fight is there. The other semifinal is between highflyers Lincoln and fallen giants Sunderland who are both in the division above, leaving Tranmere the lowest team left in the competition and the only team in league two.

The Birkenhead based club has had great success at Wembley before visiting the English home of football twice in the last 4 seasons picking up two huge wins. The 72nd ranked team in English football now hope to return for a chance at silverware in what has been a distorted season.

The semi final will be kicking off at 6pm 2 hours before their city counterparts Liverpool play in the champions league round of 16. What a great night it could be for Merseyside.

Salary cap abolishment

More big news for Tranmere this week is that of the abolishment of the Salary caps in league one and two. Back in August 2020 the third and fourth tier clubs agreed that there would be a £2.5million salary cap in league one and £1.5million in league two.

This was originally put in place so that low league clubs could stay alive during the pandemic and keep their clubs from bankruptcy like Bury went through.

However, this has now been overturned by an independent arbitration panel with the salary caps being titled ‘unlawful’ and ‘unenforceable’

For bigger teams in the lower division like Tranmere, in league two, this meant they had restrictions on the type of players that could bring in and how far they could push up the football ladder based on these caps.

However, with this being abolished it allows for the bigger clubs in lower division like Tranmere, Oldham, and Cheltenham to make a push to return to the previous glory.

Overall its been a big week for the Merseyside club with a return to Wembley for a trophy on the cards as well as salary caps being abolished allowing for the club to paint a new image around the club and become a staple of the football league again.

Who knows where Tranmere can grow up to. The potential is there in a city of football like Liverpool is.