The football world, including the region of Merseyside, was rocked by the announcement of plans for a new breakaway European Super League.

Unless you have been living under a rock you will be fully aware of these proposals for a new European competition for the elite clubs.

If you are somehow not aware of these plans, it was essentially 12 extremely wealthy men attempting a coup on the traditional, working-class, ‘beautiful game’ that is football.

Unfortunately, half of these extremely wealthy men own the ‘big six’ clubs in England.

The likes of the Glazer family at Manchester United, or FSG at Liverpool FC have had criticism in the past for failing their local communities.

Whether placing their staff on the furlough scheme or charging extortionate ticket prices, there has been evidence for years that these owners primary concern is not the fans, nor their club, or even the state of the beautiful game.

No, the primary concern of this group of wealthy men is revenue and profit margins and nothing more.

With just one out of touch, greedy, selfish move these 12 men have became the biggest threat to football, or any sport in fact, in my 21 years of living on this planet.

Why Everton are the ‘people’s club’

Everton FC have shown why they are the ‘people’s club’ as they have come out in strong opposition to the six English clubs.

In a statement released on their website the Board of Directors stated:

“Six clubs taking for granted and even betraying the majority of football supporters across our country and beyond.

“At this time of national and international crisis – and a defining period for our game – clubs should be working together collaboratively with the ideals of our game and its supporters uppermost.

“Instead, these clubs have been secretly conspiring to break away from a football pyramid that has served them so well.”

Local Everton fan, Ben Jones, spoke to Merseysportlive about his club’s reaction.

“This is my club. We are standing up for what is correct which is something Liverpool, Man United and the rest have failed to do so for years now.

“It is about time these owners faced real, extreme punishments.”

Fellow Everton fan Oisin Mckenna said: “The FA and the Government need to look at bringing in new rules to stop rich owners getting away with this.

“The 50+1 rule in Germany which gives fans majority control of their club seems to work, why hasn’t this ever been considered in England up until now.”

Ignoring over 100 years of culture and history

From the great Bill Shankly to the industrial workers who created what we know as Manchester United, these owners go against over 100 years of culture and history.

And what for? Just so they can line their pockets with even more money, in a time when people should be working together to help each other.

Do these men even have a sense of empathy and basic human morals?

It is not just fans such as myself angered at this attempted coup. Everyone from FIFA to David Beckham, even to Boris Johnson have expressed their opposition towards these absurd proposals.

Although these plans barely lasted 48 hours before being shut down, this should be remembered as an attempted coup on the most popular sport in the world.

The 12 cowardly owners must not be forgiven and these protests must carry on until change occurs. Real change.