GAA club Liverpool Wolfe Tones return to action this weekend as grassroots sports continues to make its comeback in Merseyside.

Wolfe Tones will face off against St. Brandan’s in their first Gaelic football match back since lockdown.

Despite being unable to play any matches since November, this club remains at the heart of the Irish community in Liverpool. Those involved in the club cherish this.

“We feel as one in this community”

Fergal Murphy plays both Hurling and Gaelic football for the Wolfe Tones.

“Despite lockdown, the whole social aspect stayed, we feel as one in this little community so we all kept in touch even when we couldn’t train.

“Once we could return to training everyone was just so happy to train and see each other, it’s a special bond that can’t be matched.”

A sense of uncertainty lurks over the GAA season in the North West.

The current plan is for the season to resume during May, with the intent on finishing the many games from last season that were cancelled due to Covid.

Fergal added: “The season’s been completely staggered, obviously the games were constantly getting cancelled last year.

“We just hope that we can restart without having to put the season on hold again.”

“The girls team are by far the best”

Only formed in 2010, this 11-year-old club has built up a strong team in Hurling, Gaelic football and Camogie.

They also boast a very impressive woman’s Gaelic football club, with Murphy claiming they outshine the men.

“The girls’ football team are by far the best, but it’s all like a community where we all come together and celebrate the culture.”

You may be Irish and want to be a part of this close community, or maybe you just want a new sport to delve into, either way get down to Wavertree to check out the Wolfe Tones in action this Saturday.