Following victory in 2019 and 2020, Liverpool amateur boxer Lucas Dube is now hungry for further success post the Coronavirus pandemic.

Born in Zimbabwe, Dube moved to Liverpool as a child where he would begin boxing.

He explained how at first, boxing was nothing serious for him.

“I started when I was 15 and to be honest at the time it was just something to do.

“There was no greater aspirations to do anything or win anything, it was just something fun that I enjoyed doing at the time.”

However, only after a while did Dube realise his love for the sport.

“The more and more I got into it, it took over because you spend a lot of time doing it and you end up competing, so it ends up meaning a lot to you and you want to win and succeed and carry on.”

The dedication required for boxing is something Dube is certainly aware of, as he explained how the time and effort he has given to the sport has shaped who he is.

“I’ve lived life a certain way because of boxing and I’m extremely proud of who I am, and I wouldn’t be the same person had I not picked up this sport.”

The 22-year-old’s first taste of success came in 2019, when he won the MTK Box-Cup tournament.

Dube then went from strength to strength, winning the England Boxing Northern Area 52 kg belt in March 2020.

Credit Lucas Dube Title belt Victory
Credit- Lucas Dube

Despite this being a victorious moment in the young athlete’s career, he explained he couldn’t get carried away with the win.

“It was a great win and great moment that I shared with my friends and family, but I couldn’t really help but feel, that’s the northern area belt, but where’s the England belt, where’s the European one, what’s next?”

The strong mentality that Dube possesses is something he feels is important if you want to win and be successful.

Along with boxing, Dube works as a car salesman and juggling this with training at No Limits Gym in the Baltic region can be hard.

“It’s tough, I think most athletes will tell you the same thing that balancing training and your social life or work, whatever it might be, it’s a challenge.”

However, the focused mindset Dube holds indicates he knows exactly what is required to be successful.

“It just takes a certain level of focus and determination, you have got to be head strong, because there are days where you really don’t feel like doing it, but you have really got to get up and just carry on.”

After that success in March 2020, Dube will now hold the England Boxing Northern Area 52 kg belt forever, as fighting at that weight for the belt has now been stopped.

However, this victory did come just a week before the nation went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, meaning plans for further success were halted for Dube.

Despite the last couple of years being stop start due to Covid-19 restrictions, Dube is now keen to get back to training and push on

The promising talent is hungry for more success, saying: “I still recognise that there is a lot more that I could do and there’s a lot more that I want to do and tick off before I ever say bye to competing or bye to this sport.”

Dube is planning to move up from 52 kg to 54 kg on his return to competing when he comes back from his trip to Zimbabwe.

The 22-year-old outlined his plans upon return to the sport, saying: “I’m going to take it day by day, week by week and get better, stronger, faster every single day then whatever opportunities present themselves along the way I will grab them with both hands and I won’t look back.”

With a strong mindset and age on his side, amateur boxer Dube has the potential to fulfil a successful career.

(Images courtesy of Lucas Dube)