Paddy Pimblett has been named ‘Breakthrough Fighter of the Year’ at the World MMA Awards.

The rising star from Liverpool won the award after a fantastic 12 months from July 2021 and June 2022, the period on which the award is based.

During this time, Pimblett finished Luigi Vendramini in his impressive UFC debut and defeated Rodrigo Vargas in London. 2022.

His rise to stardom has been undeniable, and his numbers more than back it up.

Paddy Pimblett - ufc - pic under creative commons licence by 21Keys

Creating hype around his fights, putting on exhilarating performances and delivering viral post fight interviews, saw ‘The Baddy’ reach these heights.

After his first fight in the UFC, Pimblett had 470k Instagram followers. This number has grown tremendously since with over 2.3 million people following the lightweight. This figure is only going to increase as the year closes out with him featuring in co-main event at UFC 282.

Despite being named the Breakthrough Fighter of the Year, this rise to the top has been no surprise to the Liverpool man. Ever since he started training in MMA as a teenager, he had always envisioned this to be his future.

He told the ECHO: “I’ve always known this was going to happen, I’ve always said watch when I get in the UFC, everyone will know. I’m not just the draw for Liverpool. I’m a draw for the UK and for Europe. No one is talking about the main event, because I am the main man.”

All his fights in the UFC have been exciting and ended with a finish, earning Pimblett three consecutive performance bonuses. Since signing in 2021, he has displayed great improvement on the feet and has displayed his sublime submission game. This was evident after beating Vendramni via TKO and finishing Vargas with a rear naked choke, both coming in the first round.

It’s not just entertaining fights that have made him so popular though. Pimblett’s colourful personality has been a key factor in propelling him to his current notoriety. His ability to promote fights whilst also remaining authentic has been integral to captivating UFC enthusiasts worldwide.

Paddy has caught the attention of the world with his big persona and captivating post fight speeches. This has made him the complete package in terms of becoming one of the biggest stars in the UFC, and therefore, the breakthrough fighter of the year.

Despite falling just outside of the 12-month period, after his last fight, ‘The Baddy’ delivered his most impactful interview. The world watched him share a heartfelt speech by raising awareness for men’s mental health. He dedicated his win to a close friend who had committed suicide just a day before his fight in the O2 arena.

The Liverpool supporter spoke from the heart and encouraged all men to speak out if they are struggling with mental health issues. This post-fight interview reached millions and impacted many all over the globe.