Organisers behind one of the oldest cycling clubs in the North West are calling for more action to make roads safer for cyclists.

Chester Road Club has been going strong for nearly 100 years in the historic city.

But Andy Garrison, one of the organisers, says road safety continues to be a major concern, especially when cycling in towns and city centres.

He says poorly maintained roads, no designated cycle paths, and too many parked cars on are all issues modern cyclists must deal with.

Garrison is urging local councils to improve infrastructure by investing in safer more “cycle-friendly” roads and paths.

He said: “If more cyclists are present on the roads, the safer it will be for people commuting by bikes.

“This can only be beneficial for the local area and he is encouraging the councils to play their part.”

Garrison also praises the community for playing a key role in maintaining the club’s operation over the years.

“There has always been a core of people who keep events and engagements going and the club can be commended for “bringing cyclists together”.

Just over decade ago, the club had 150 members.

The committee decided a different direction was needed and started an upward trend of increasing membership by 200 in the space of three years.

The club’s members include foundation riders, intermediate cyclists and advanced racers.

It organises regular rides for cyclists of all abilities.

They believe the benefits of cycling include regular exercise, reduced carbon emissions and the chance to explore the wonderful Chester countryside.

These benefits will not be sustained, however, without the necessary substantial investment from the councils.

Garrison added: “More people are cycling around Chester. Therefore, we hope the council puts more money into the infrastructure [of the area].”

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