Pilkington Women FC organised an International Women’s Day event to celebrate all women involved in the club. 

International Women’s Day celebrates achievements of women past and present and shines a light on the fight against sexism and gender inequality.

Preparations for the Pilkington’s event started in early February where the Lilies team, first team, She Inspires team, coaches and managers all came together at The Dream in St Helens (the home of Pilkington Women) to shoot a memorable video.

Final showcase of short film. Photo – James Giblin

The town of St Helens had a huge part in the video and the day itself with involvement from Sport Development STH and music from local band Weekend Wars.

The evening was organised by first team manager Deborah Dilworth and pitchside banners supported by the Football Supporters Association will be on display to show the club’s appreciation for the women’s teams.

Dreamed it, Owned it banner for Pilkington sideline. Photo – James Giblin

Dilworth said: “It was important to celebrate women and girls’ football in the area because of all the work that is put in to provide opportunities for women to play but also to showcase you can play in many forms at the club.

“Women need to be provided with supportive environments to play and we offer that.  It’s important to showcase this. The International Women’s Day event was brilliant as it really showcased the celebration of women and girls in a number of creative ways.”

With continued support growing each and every year, organisations are helping women to have equal opportunities. The Liverpool Women and Youth League secretary Jolene Murray gifted Just-In-Casey menstrual cycle packs for the women in the club to show their support for that aspect of their lives.

Just-In-Casey menstrual cycle packs. Photo- James Giblin

First team player Olivia Edwards said: “It felt good to be recognised and empowering to see all the women at the club come together to celebrate each other.

“The recognition for the girl’s hard work will only inspire those involved n the club further. Hopefully the event will have encouraged girl to get involved further.”