Tensions are high as Liverpool John Moores basketball team prepare to face University of Liverpool in a crucial varsity tie.

Varsity weekend is the biggest of a sportspersons career while at a university in Liverpool.

LJMU’s basketball club captain Massimiliano Paolini spoke to MerseySportLive, emphasising the huge stakes.

“For basketball itself, it’s about whose the best team

“It is important for a bit of pride, since it’s the two uni’s it is kind of like seeing who will be the kings of Liverpool”

Head coach Emile Coleman emphasised this telling MerseySportLive that the game being a derby is a must win.

“Sometimes I feel that the varsity game comes down more to who can show more passion, who wants it more and who is willing to dig in that bit more”

However he insisted he is not concerned about his sides chances, displaying huge confidence.

“We’ve beat them twice [this season], I’ve told all the players, they’re not going to beat us. at all.

“We have better players, more experienced players and a bigger range of players. we are winning, simple as that.”

The game kicks off varsity weekend on Sunday with a 3pm tip-off in Sports Hall One in the LJMU sports building.

Photo by Jonathan Maze