Alex Kenton has a chance to become the number one bantamweight in the UK when he faces Tyree Stevens this weekend.

The Titanium Combat Academy Muay Thai fighter can also gain an international ranking if he beats his nemesis on Saturday night.

Kenton and Stevens have developed a rivalry since the Scouser started making moves in the bantam division, and now the two have the opportunity to put the beef to rest.

Kenton has been training since he was a child and spoke about some of the sacrifices he has made that many people his age would have no concept of. Everything has led up to this bout, and if all goes well, it could lead to great future success.

The fighter has not done this alone. Mersey Sport Live’s Sam Chinn spoke with Kenton and one of his main training partners Sean McCrystal, who provides an insight to what he has seen from the title contender during this camp and the intensity with which he trains.

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