Coming to Liverpool to begin University life can be challenging but students at Liverpool John Moores, are helping their own mental health through sport.

With stress awareness month beginning next week, many will be looking for coping mechanisms to deal with mental struggle.

LJMU karate stars, Hannah Lucas and Alex Boyce, believe they have found their own solution through their sport.

Lucas Said: “Going to karate is that bit of escape and especially because its quite a physical, demanding sport when you put your energy into something like that then you just don’t think about anything else while you’re in there.”

Karate is physically demanding and tough mentally, according to Boyce.

“You’ve got to have the well roundedness of your mental health and your physical health in your life to be able to achieve your goals.”

Sport is a great way to improve your mental wellbeing. Even a leisurely a walk can be the difference between positive and negative thinking according The Stress Awareness Society.