Liverpool Women’s manager Matt Beard shared his thoughts following the exciting all Merseyside clash on Friday night about the rivalry between the two sides.

Beard told reporters at the post-match press conference that it is important to be careful with the word ‘rivalry’.

“We have to be careful with the word rivalry, because what we don’t want to happen is to become like the men’s game.”

The London-born coach cited the reason for this being the fact that the demographics at each club is different.

“We have young girls, we have teenagers, dads and daughters, mums and sons, families that come to our games and the last thing we want is to create an atmosphere which makes them uncomfortable.

“That’s our fanbase, we have to be careful with saying rivalry, because I don’t think it’s right. We have to remember who comes to our games.”

This came as over 22,000 WSL fans attended Goodison Park on Friday for the derby which saw the spoils shared in a controversial 1-1 draw.

Although the 22,000 Liverpool supporters in attendance had an allocated away end, there was supporters scattered across Goodison Park.

Beard says this is a great advert for women’s football and hopes the friendly feud continues.

“It’s fantastic and it goes to show how far the games come, and hopefully of the back of that tonight, Everton get more fans and we get more people coming to our games because it was a great advert for women’s football.”

{Alamy Images under agreed licence}