A Merseryside strongwoman, destined for great things has praised the role of her coach for turning her life around.

Millie Flanagan’s love for the sport is down to strongman coach David Kent. The Scouser played a significant role in her reaching the world stage after just eight months of competing.

The 19-year-old went from participating in Blackpool’s strongest man events to finishing inside the world top 20 of the Official Strongman Games hosted in America, all in the space of her first year in the sport.


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The young prospect admitted David has played a huge part in her success story and wouldn’t be where she is today without a coach like him by her side.

She said: “He’s completely changed my life and my view on strongwoman, I actually think I’ve found something I’m good at and I love but that’s just because of him.”

“David keeps me accountable, and I trust his methods, no way did I think I’d make it to worlds, but he pushed me to the absolute max I didn’t even think was there.”

The strongwoman athlete says above all, David is an inspirational coach and person: “He has a heart of gold and so much energy and time for people, it’s exactly the kind of person you want around in the gym.”

“He’s just amazing, he’s my number one hype man for all my lifts and he’s always there when I need him at competitions too.”

The Liverpudlian coach also the works with coach current World’s Strongest Women, Rebecca Roberts, and believes Millie’s future can be a very bright one too.

He said: “Millie has come into this sport and hit the ground running wowing everyone who sees her lift. She has come on leaps and bounds since starting but not just in terms of strength, but also in herself.”

“Millie’s found her calling with strongwoman and is the happiest she’s been.”

Millie Flanagan at the OSG's.
Millie Flanagan competing on the World stage. Photo Credit: Koreena Hemker  Instagram:@kehsports

To most, the idea of training five times per week and pushing your body to the absolute maximum isn’t fun, but to Millie it is.

The athlete from Wigan said: “I love what I do and it’s never a chore going to train or compete, it’s fun to me.”

After having a successful start to life as a strongwoman, including deadlifting over the world record for her age twice, Millie remains extremely focused to try and achieve her goals and aspirations.

She said: “I’m pretty new to the sport still. I only competed 3 times last year but this year I’m looking to do around 6/7 competitions, with the worlds being one again.”

“The ultimate goal would be to be World’s Strongest Woman U73kg and to also win World’s Strongest Woman U73kg in the natural competitions too” she added.

One of Millie’s first strongman coaches, Lewis Bolton, believes she can reach the highest level. He said: “I think she can go to the top to be honest; she works hard and always puts the work in.”


The strongwoman prospect also believes the sport is growing and feels the women’s side of the sport will get the recognition it deserves in coming years.

The talented youngster said: “It has some of the best athletes all around the world and the community is like no other, I find it so empowering, and everyone is so supportive of each other.”

“Who wouldn’t want to watch humans go above and beyond their limits. It’s so exciting to watch.”