After the bombshell announcement Jurgen Klopp is set to leave his role as Liverpool manager in May, Liverpool Olympic Medallist and Red fan Anyika Onuora has told MerseysportLive, she and other fans are just grateful for all he has achieved.

Onuora won Olympic Bronze and European Championship gold in the 4 x 400 metres Relay understands his decision: “The expectation is a lot, he probably just wants a change and a new challenge. He came into Liverpool, he extended his time here, which me and the other fans are so grateful for, but at the same time, knowing what he’s achieved, he is well within his rights to take a break”.

The German man has been at the helm of the Premier League club since 2015 and Liverpool fans have been singing his praises ever since. He has taken the club from being down in the dumps, right back to the glory days. Liverpool are still chasing the quadruple this season, his replacement will have a lot to live up to.

Former Liverpool favourite Alonso to Merseyside, who is currently top of the league with Bayer Leverkusen, is one of the favourites for the job.

Onuora said, “It’s still very, very weird. I’m a massive Liverpool fan and I haven’t really got over the fact that Klopp is leaving yet. I did get to meet him last year, I went to the Liverpool ground, I had the opportunity to have a really amazing conversation with him over lunch. It was great, he’s just incredible.

“I realised then he’s not like the other managers. He doesn’t just want to stay and do this and that, he wants to achieve and go out on a high. Sometimes they just want to be regular people. There is only so much you can take emotionally and physically, you know it’s a very demanding job being a manager to one of the biggest clubs in the world. Not just Europe.”

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The athlete believes Liverpool `should take on an extensive search in finding a new manager.

“At the moment I think we have a very unique and difficult opportunity. Replacing a character like Klopp is impossible. I think instead of focusing on getting an exact replacement we need to get someone who would suit us going forward into a different era.

“I have seen Zidane thrown around as an option, but Alonso the most. We should definitely look around a bit more until the club makes a final decision. As much as I do love him, I just get the vibe that it might not happen, even though he would be fantastic. It just seems too perfect”.