Prescot Cables have called Non-League Day “vital for clubs like ours” ahead of the event this Saturday (March 23).

Non-League Day has been an integral part of the football calendar since its creation in 2010.

The day, which always coincides with an international break, promotes support for non-league teams and praises the community spirit in grassroot clubs.

Throughout Saturday, non-league games will be played across Merseyside.

Prescot Cables, currently sit third in Northern Premier League West, are one side eager to make the most of the day.

Speaking exclusively to Merseysportlive, Richard Tigwell, Director and Match Day Coordinator of the Cables, said: “It’s really important. I can’t stress that enough.

“It is vital for clubs like ours. We’re third in the league and having our best season in a decade. We want people to come down and try it.”

“A relatability that nothing can compare to”

When asked on what separates non-league from league matches, Tidwell said: “Non-league has a relatability that nothing can compare to.

“Ordinary people have nothing in common with a Liverpool player like Mo Salah or Darwin Nunez.

“You can have a drink after a game with our players.

“They are ordinary people doing this because of their love for football, not because of money.”

“Volunteers are priceless”

An essential part of Non-League Day is the recognition of volunteers and how without them many teams wouldn’t be able to continue.

When discussing the importance of volunteers at Prescot Cables, Tigwell added: “Volunteers are priceless. As the Match Day Coordinator I thank them for the great work they do. We couldn’t run on a match day without them.

“My wife is also a volunteer. My wife washes the dirty kit after every match and gets it ready for the next one.”

Prescot Cables play Newcastle Town at 3pm at the Joseph Russell Stadium on Non-League Day on Saturday.

The side are pulling out all the stops to get supporters down to the game with post-match entertainment promised by musician Sarah Waters.

The Cables are also encouraging long-term supporters to bring a friend who has never attended a match before in their #BringAMateAndDoubleTheGate campaign.

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