A referee has been praised for his quick thinking after a player was knocked unconscious for 8 minutes during a game in Liverpool.

The incident occurred in Saturday’s (20th April) match between The Grenadier FC and Old Xavierians.

Both sides compete in the Liverpool County Premier League.

A clash between players resulted in a Grenadier forward fitting before being knocked unconscious for 8 minutes.

Daniel Manning the assistant referee for the game came to the aid of the player upon his collapse.

Manning stayed by the player’s side administering care until the arrival of paramedics.

When describing the incident to MerseySportLive Manning said: “The incident happened in the first couple of minutes of the game. The ball got played into the box, the goalkeeper and the attacker both challenged for the ball.

“The striker took a heavy fall and then started to convulse. Once the fit had stopped he fell unconscious. I managed his airway and kept the player in the recovery position.”

Grenadier reassure fans their player is okay after being knocked unconscious

The Grenadier have since reassured fans the player involved has been discharged from hospital with no serious injuries.

Immediately after the incident both clubs, the league and the Liverpool FA praised Manning for his efforts.

However, Manning explained he was simply acting out of nature from previous experience  for the North West Ambulance Service.

Manning stated: “I remained calm throughout the situation but this is down to my job. I am a control manager at North West Ambulance Service.

“Although I’ve never seen a patient and I haven’t taken a 999 call for roughly 10 years, I was trained trained to manage heightened situations and to remain calm. I have also attended a first aid course through the Liverpool County FA.”

Manning’s good deeds continued after heroic efforts

Despite the heroic efforts of Manning in aiding the unconscious player, his good deeds didn’t end there.

Once the player was being transported to hospital the home side gathered a sum of £150 to give Manning in gratitude.

However, Manning refused the money and instead donated it.

Manning made the donation to the John Harkin Heart Foundation, a charity close to the away side’s hearts.

The John Harkin Heart Foundation was set up in May last year.

Its formation came after an Xaverian player went into cardiac arrest during a match in March 2023.

The player John Harkin’s heart stopped for 27 minutes during the incident.

Harkin’s life was saved when an opposition player and nurse revived his heart with the use of a defibrillator.

The charity now helps to supply defibrillators to football clubs and pitches.

When discussing the donation with MerseySportLive Manning also revealed Xaverian have promised to match the sum.

Praise has been overwhelming to Manning

Manning has since said the praise he has experienced since the incident has been overwhelming.

Manning stated: “The thanks and praise from both sides was overwhelming to say the least. Both teams thanked me for managing the situation.

“I felt like I only did what any other person would do in that situation. I hope the player has a speedy recovery and he can get back playing soon.”

Featured image courtesy of Pixaby.