A proposal drawn up by Liverpool’s owners and is backed by Man United, has been introduced to change the voting structure of the Premier League as well as funding models for the English Football League and Football Association.

“Project Big Picture” it is set to be the biggest proposed shake up since the creation of the Premier League in 1992.

The plan would see teams from the Championship, League one and League two given £250 million right now to split amongst themselves. As well as every future TV deal the Premier League secure, teams from the EFL will receive 25% revenue.

Due to absent of crowds thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak a lot of lower league clubs are struggling financially and have been demanding money from the Premier League for some time now.

The idea is that by helping fund the EFL, the top clubs would be supporting the “football pyramid.”

However, it’s not all plain sailing as the project would come at a price. The giveaway means the football calendar would have to be trimmed.

This means that the current 20 team Premier League would have to cut down to 18 along with the Carabao Cup and the community Shield being scrapped all together.

The so-called “Big Six” Premier League clubs, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea would also get special voting rights on certain issues, along with West Ham, Everton and Southampton.

The idea is that all the changes would free up fixture dates. This means that these free spaces could be filled up with more entertaining European matches and pre season friendlies.

For teams outside the traditional “big six” they are expected to be against the project as they believe this “power grab” from the Premier Leagues “Big six” is set to benefit them more.

Pictures Courtesy of Kelvin Stuttard