Liverpool Watersports Centre have expressed interest in joining the batter against dementia.

In light of recent findings that cold-water swimming can help delay dementia, the Liverpool based centre have offered to help by putting on more sessions.

John Hannaway, Centre Manager, confirmed the home of Liverpool’s Watersports ‘have been in talks with Swim England’ and ‘would be up for it if it was well managed’.

New found popularity

The Watersports Centre hosts an abundance of opportunities for open water swimming. Pre lockdown they were running two sessions a week.

After re opening safely in May they began to run more frequently

Due to a recent surge in popularity, there have been morning and afternoon sessions everyday for swimmers who are chasing the ‘cold water high’.

The science behind cold water swimming

The UK Dementia Research Centre, based at the University of Cambridge, believe the discovery of the ‘cold shock proteins’ can act as the catalyst for drug companies to find a cure and ‘hold dementia at bay’.

Head researcher, Prof Mallucci, believes the challenge is now finding a drug that ‘stimulates the production of the protein in humans’ and to prove it really does help delay dementia.

Sport is proven to have major physical and mental benefits and swimming is just the same.

Mr Hannaway believes his swimmers participate in open water swimming for a “mixture of the two.

This would still be possible in winter months, when water temperatures ‘drop to 5 degrees”.

Cast your minds back to the winter of 2018, Hannaway recalls ;”thin layers of ice” throughout winter with temperatures around 2 degrees and “people still took the plunge”.

Cold water fanatics can range from ‘super endurance athletes down to complete novices’ but it is always important to prepare yourself before taking part.


Dr Heather Massey of Portsmouth University’s Extreme Environments Laboratory, says there are some key things to remember such as; “making sure you are fit and healthy and swim with others who are accustomed to cold water and know local hazards.”

Open water swimming is an ‘acquired taste’ but if you wish to join your fellow ‘cold water high’ chasers, the sessions at Liverpool Watersports Centre are as follows:

Monday – Friday



Saturday – Sunday



(Sessions are £5 and wet suits are available to hire from £5)

Address: 110 Mariners Wharf, Liverpool, L34DG