An Everton supporter plans to run the Tatton park half marathon on November 8 for North Liverpool Foodbank.

Gareth Atkinson grew up a few doors down from a foodbank.

Now he is inspired to help the community through pushing himself physically in return for donations.

As of November 2, he has raised £338 and is well ahead of his goal.

After the introduction of pay-per-view premier league matches, the support for Liverpool food banks has skyrocketed.

So far, the ‘Fans Supporting Foodbanks’ movement has raised over £140,000.

Fans are being encouraged to not spend £14.95 on the weekends football matches, but instead, send that money to food banks in need.

The movement is also inspiring local people to get their hands dirty and help with the raising of funds.

This highlights the kindness of the community and of this individual.

A negative (PPV matches) has been turned into a positive as thousands of people who would not be eating are now going be fed. All thanks to the diligence and compassion of Liverpool’s football fans.

If you want to donate to Gareth, the link to his donation page is right here.