Jurgen Klopp has told Liverpool supporters: “Our owners are not bad people, they just made a bad decision”.

The Liverpool boss spoke for the first time since Liverpool left the proposed European Super League, in Friday’s pre Newcastle United press conference.

Liverpool have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons this week,  with the European Super League dominating the front and back pages.

Following principal owner John W Henry’s video apology for the Red’s involvement, Jurgen Klopp confirmed that he is yet to speak to Henry.

On the matter, he said: “I don’t think it’s necessary. I was mentioned in the apology and so was the team. That was personal enough for me.”

He continued: “I have known the owners for six years. I know there were some moments when they might not have made the right decisions, this time for sure. But it doesn’t change things for me, I prefer to deal with problems with people I know.”

There have been many calls on Merseyside for Fenway Sports Group to leave the club following the decision to join the now-scrapped European Super League. Jamie Carragher has said it will take a long time for things to heal between the fans and the Boston-based ownership.

“I hope the bond between us and the supporters gets even stronger. Our owners are not bad people, they just made a bad decision, but let’s carry on. Lets get back to the beautiful game.”

UEFA Champions League new format

In the midst of the European Super League madness, UEFA confirmed on Monday that the Champions League Group stages would extend.

The revised format would include ten group game fixtures instead of the six currently played.

Jurgen Klopp said: “I don’t like it. We play ten group games, not six.”

“Everyone knows my opinion on more games. Yes, the Super League is off the table, good, very good. But it’s not the case that the new Champions League is great. UEFA showed me the idea and I said I don’t like it, 10 games rather than six. No idea where to put them.”

The disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic has meant that this season is three weeks shorter than a ‘normal season’, with the same amount of games.

“The football structure at the moment is not ready for more games. We cannot deal with more games. We need to make sure the quality of games is higher. We cut off training time constantly and the best players need time to train. But nobody cuts off games.”

Regarding the revised UEFA Champions League and the European Super League, Klopp said: “The only people who don’t get asked are the players, coaches and supporters.”

Possible punishment

There have been calls for the English clubs to face punishment from the footballing authorities for their involvement in the European Super League.

Some have called on UEFA to kick the involved teams out of the Champions League. Many want the Football Association and the Premier League to sanction the English clubs involved.

Many other clubs such as Bury, Bolton, Port Vale and Wigan have been sanctioned with points deductions in the past, due to their finances and actions of owners.

On the topic, Klopp said: “It is above me, what can I say about that? I don’t see a reason to punish the clubs. Nothing happened. We are in the same situation as before.”





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