With summer just around the corner and water sports on the docks beginning again Liverpool Canoe Club are preparing for another summer of Canoe Polo.

Combining football, canoeing and water polo this is a sport that can be brilliant for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike.

Josh Cook is the Canoe Polo Coordinator for the club and gave more insight into how this sport became so popular in Liverpool.

“We started our own team about ten years ago starting with about 5 or 6 players and over the last 5 years we have grown to have 20 to 30 consistent players in the league.”

A sport that has had an official set of rules for less than 40 years it has grown to become an internationally recognized sport.

With bi-annual world championships with over 20 countries competing as well as numerous national tournaments.

“It’s a lot quicker, it’s unique in itself that your combining kayaks and water polo together which isn’t something you tend to think of.”

Canoe Polo
Canoe Polo – By John Hocknell

Like with every sport Covid-19 has had a detrimental impact on how the polo clubs and teams can operate.

But it hasn’t stopped them planning a summer full of events and competition.

“As the weather is getting better, we are hoping to expand to invite other clubs to play against us, the league is starting up.

“We are hoping to get a women’s team up and running this summer, there aren’t many women’s teams in polo so were trying to get that of the ground as well as a junior team.”

With the canoe club running sessions from canoe and kayaks for beginners to canoe polo training sessions.

It’s a sport where anyone is welcome and a club that is always looking for new members.

“If you do want to join us you can join the canoe club on the website.

“It’s only 20 quid for an adult membership and if you really want to give canoe polo ago you can jump straight in, but we also run beginners’ courses and supply any equipment you need to use.”

Josie Emoss is a member of the club and has already fallen in love with the sport.

“I come from a climbing background which is a solo sport, so playing in a team is different, also it’s quite aggressive but it’s quite nice it’s different in that respect.

Canoe Polo 2 - By John Hocknell
Canoe Polo 2 – By John Hocknell

“You’re not only doing an adventure sport which are normally solo sports, but you are competing in a team so that just makes it good fun.”

If you looking for a hobby this summer or want to try something different then Canoe Polo could be the perfect sport to enjoy a Summer in Liverpool.