The Mohamed Salah mural is to celebrate his achievements rather than have an impact on his contract situation, according to Hotel Anfield’s Peter Schriewersmann.

”If it ends up having a baring on his contract decision, obviously would be nice but that is not the aim,” he said.

Why Salah?

40% (15,000) voters chose the Egyptian to adorn the wall opposite the King Harry pub on Anfield Road.

“I think there is maybe a couple of people that voted for him that want to send a message to say, we do love you, we do respect you in this city a lot.”

Schriewersmann believes it will give Salah a buzz.

“He’s driving in the team bus, right past that mural, every single game, if that gives him a boost to perform better on the pitch, in that moment, score that on additional goal which will see us win another two/three trophies, then it did the trick,” he said.

The Artist

John Culshaw painted the mural, he uses one arm as he lost use of the other when he was young.

He said: “Obviously I want him to stay, but if he stays or if he goes, I still think he deserves something.”

John Culshaw painting the Salah mural (Photo: Declan Carr)
John Culshaw painting the Salah mural (Photo by Declan Carr)

The artist, fan groups, Hotel Anfield and a key member of Jurgen Klopp’s backroom staff had inputs on the design.

“Pep Lijnders had a view on a particular aspect of the design,” says Schriewersmann.

“The positioning of Mo’s head. He felt that people should have their heads up high and be proud.”

The Watford game this Saturday will be the first time that Salah drives past it and Schriewersmann is excited.

“We are going to be there when the bus goes by, we will all know in that moment that he sees it and it is just going to make us very happy.”

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Featured image from Peter Schriewersmann (with permission)