The ambitious Chairman of AFC Liverpool has laid down the gauntlet to other teams and even his own players “If we’re going to be in the cup, I want to win it”, he spelled out ahead of this weekend’s Marcon Cup tie against the Isle of Man.

Historically, the club haven’t had the best time in the competition, but the Little Reds made it to the semi-final last season. With FC Isle of Man heading to the Marine Travel Arena for their first-round clash this weekend, the Little Reds chairman, Chris Stirrup, wants to go all the way this year.

Chris Stirrup chairman of AFC Liverpool. Credit; @littledavee Twitter

Stirrup, who owns an embroidery business, has big plans “I want to win every game, I want to win every trophy.”

Last season the club finish thirteenth in the Northwest Counties League Premier division “well above expectations,” according to the Chairman. With AFC sitting third after thirteen games this season, the solid start has been unexpected, even for the determined Stirrup. “We look at improving every season, but I don’t think anyone expected a start like this.”

The self-proclaimed Liverpool fan has put the form down to the good football to the new style the teams playing under their new manager.

Matt Potter, who was previously the assistant at the Crosby-based club, moved into the manager hot seat at the start of this season after the popular Chris Anderson left to take a job higher up the football pyramid. 44-year-old Stirrup said: “Matt’s done outstanding, you’re a little bit wary when an assistant takes over as manager, as you don’t know whether players will respect him. But the players have responded well, and Matt has changed his style, but it’s worked.”

Matt Potter handing Sonny Parr 100 appearance’s shirt. Credit; @littledave Twitter

With Potter doing a good job tactically, he still needs the team to perform on the pitch. With one of last season’s best players Callum Schorah moving on, the club signed Elliot Hughes from St Helens Town and Tom Douglas who have scored fourteen goals between them so far this season.

The first-round tie against FC Isle of Man this weekend will pose a tough task for the in-form AFC Liverpool but if they want to match their chairman’s ambition nothing, but a win will do.