At a time when Charities are feeling the pinch and arguably facing their toughest times yet, the annual Liverpool Spring 10k provided an opportunity for runners from across the North West to raise thousands of pounds.

The London Marathon raised £58.3 million in April, but according to the think tank Pro Bono Economics, amid the cost of Living crisis, UK charities’ income will be cut by £2.2 billion by the end of this year.

Liverpool’s leading homeless charity, The Whitechapel Centre, partnered the event which also helped local organisations like Shared Lives Plus, a charity for carers across the UK.

Lydia Bates, completed the 10k race: “I am running for the charity I work for which is called Shared Lives Plus,” she said.

“I am doing a series of runs this year, so this is my third 10k of the year so far, and I’ve got another six 10k’s and a couple of half marathons to go. I’m hoping to raise a lot of money.”

More serious runners were focused on personal targets. Just thirty-five minutes after the start of the 10K, some runners began to cross the finish line.

Hundreds will continue to flock to races in Merseyside, but the future of charities in the region is far less certain.