Terrible football is not usually two words associated with Liverpool, but for one group of players, they can’t get enough.

Every Saturday morning, the Botanic gardens in Wavertree stages sessions where over 20 people of different backgrounds, gender and ability take part in the kick about.

It is more inclusive for those who may be intimidated to join a Sunday league team or are reluctant to fork out for expensive pitch and Astro turf hires. All are encouraged to participate and practice their skills with no judgement. According to those who’ve given it a go, the chance to play has had a positive impact on their physical and mental well-being, as well as helping them make new friends, boosting their social life.

Arran Gravestock, has brought the game to Merseyside, and MerseySportLive went along to find out more.


The event takes place at 10:30am. More information about Terrible Football can be found HERE