Liverpool moved to fifth in the WSL table after a 4-1 win against Aston Villa at Poundland Bescot Stadium. 

Carla Ward’s side showed their ability as they created multiple chances throughout the match. But the difference was the Reds’ defence, their clinical action in the final third and The Villains’ inability to make the most of the chances they had which resulted in a one-sided scoreline. 

The match started on an even footing as both teams settled into the game. Liverpool gained momentum as they earned multiple set pieces in the first 15 minutes, however neither keeper faced any real chances.  

The first goal came in the 19th minute, a foul from Noelle Maritz on Mia Enderby in front of the ref meant a free kick for the away side. 

Fuka Nagano played a short pass to Marie Höbinger, who gently touched the ball back for the tricky set piece to create a space in the Villa Wall. That allowed Nagano to put in a quick, fizzed pass to Enderby who cut it back to Grace Fisk who got a shot on goal. An Anna Pattern deflection caused it to go bottom right and beat Daphne van Domselaar. 

Aston Villa responded well as they created their own chances, but Matt Beard’s side scored again just before he half hour.  

Emma Koivisto’s pressure won Liverpool possession up field. The ball was moved to Jasmine Matthews to put in a great cross that was slightly too high for the Villa keeper and it landed perfectly for a Sophie Roman Haug header in the six-yard box. 

A penalty in the 37th minute gave hope to The Villains. It came from a long ball played from Pattern to Kirsty Hansen, who burst from the left wing to the box and was dragged down by Gemma Bonne. It was taken by Sarah Mayling who slotted it bottom left with precision past Rachel Laws.  

This gave the home side momentum but they failed to get an equaliser before the half ended 2-1.  

Liverpool put an end to this momentum as they got their third goal in the 60th minute. Matthews on the left wing put in a great cross that Enderby couldn’t reach, but it went to Koivisto just right of the six-yard box who finished it clinically. 

The final goal came in the 82nd minute to make it comfortable for the Reds. The ball was kicked out of the box and was picked up by Nagano who put in a great cross to Kosvitso who scored a looping header from just right of the penalty spot to put the game to bed.