Saturday March 23 marks Non-League Day and with fixtures expected across Merseyside here are two games make sure to attend.

Non-League Day is the yearly celebration of lower level football enjoyed whilst league football is dismissed for an international break.

The event began in 2010 and has since proved essential in bringing fans to non-league.

Speaking to MerseySportLive James Doe founder of Non-League Day explained the need for events such as this.

“I went to check out the team I used to follow which is Harrow Borough.

“They were raising funds for floodlight bulbs which I thought would have been a routine cost for a club of their size.

“I looked around and found other clubs were in a similar position – not doing too well financially and I felt motivated to do something.

“I set up an event on Facebook called Non-League Football Day and I sent it to some friends not thinking too much about it.

“They were a bit more engaged than I thought and it went viral. Six weeks later I had a national event on my hands.”

2024 celebrates the 14th year of the event.

Many games are expected across Merseyside with several teams encouraging fans to attend through incentives.

Southport v Buxton

Currently in National League North, Southport began their season with optimism but it has since conspired into one of stagnation.

The Sandgrounders started their season with a change in ownership.

It was announced in October that Big Help Group had acquired a majority stake in the club.

The change was welcomed by fans who had been disappointed in their side since Southport’s relegation from National League in 2017.

However, performances on the pitch so far this season have many believing little has changed at the club.

This comes after the side place exactly where they finished last season in 18th.

Despite this, Southport are eager to use support around Non-League Day to produce a result against mid-table Buxton.

A win on Saturday could see the side climb as high as 15th in the league.

Southport has a number of promotions throughout the day with discounted tickets and 50% off merchandise and food.

Prescot Cables v Newcastle Town

Prescot Cables hope to use the buzz around Non-League Day to keep the momentum going this Saturday.

The side are experiencing one of their most successful season in almost a decade.

The Cables are third in Northern Premier League West with fellow Merseyside rivals Bootle and City of Liverpool close-by in fourth and fifth.

After suffering a 3-0 loss to Newcastle Town earlier in the season, Prescot are eager to avenge the previous result.

The game gives Prescot Cables opportunity to go second in the league.

The side hope to lure in supporters with discount family tickets and extra time entertainment by musician Sarah Waters.

Both games kick off at 3pm.