Harvey Elliott has been banned from all domestic club football for 14 days for an offensive video posted on socal media.

The 16-year-old has been charged with breaching FA rules after a video in which he mocks England captain Harry Kane surfaced earlier this season.

Elliott admitted a breach of FA Rule E3 in relation to a video posted on social media and providing a public apology.

The Liverpool forward, then of Fulham, impersonated Kane and used derogatory language following the Reds’ Champions League final victory over Tottenham in June.

The teenager has also been fined £350 and instructed to complete a face-to-face education course.

“I would just like to wholeheartedly apologise for any offence caused on the back of a video of me currently circulating on the internet,” said Elliott in a message posted on Instagram.

“The video was taken whilst messing around with friends in a private environment and was not directed at any individual, but I realise that my actions were both immature and senseless.

“I would like to stress that the contents of the video do not represent who I am as a person or how I’ve been brought up, and I am truly sorry.”

A Liverpool spokesman said: “Harvey’s apology was sincere, immediate and unequivocal. He has acknowledged privately and publicly his actions were wrong.

“Given his age when this indiscretion was committed – in a private setting and prior to signing for us – we will continue to work with Harvey on an educational basis as relates to his conduct.

“He has already demonstrated to us a willingness to learn and live up to the values and conduct expected of a Liverpool player.”

Picture by Eric The Fish under Creative Commons Licence.