Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes more transparency would make the issue of Covid-19 postponements more understandable.

Klopp was asked before his side plays Newcastle tomorrow why the Premier League hide players and staff with positive Covid-19 tests.

“It is something we are all in the same situation as human beings,” he said.

“I really think nobody should hide it. It is absolutely helpful when people around yourself know that you are not in the best place as they can help you.

“I would be fine with it,”  confirming if he had a positive Covid test.

Klopp is unsure why the names of individuals cannot be released, wondering whether it is a legal issue.

“But why do we hide players… nobody knows the number of players who has it… come on, say it, then everyone can understand why. I would prefer that.”

Today the Premier League has refused other clubs’ requests to postpone their games due to positive Covid cases in squads.

The Premier League called off last night’s Manchester United vs Brentford match.

However, it is not clear how games will be judged to be unsafe, with the Premier League judging on a case by case basis.

This week the Premier League reported a record 42 confirmed positive Covid cases since the release of testing data.

Despite having multiple positive tests, Premier League teams are being told to play.

The lack of clarity surrounding which players are Covid free makes preparation for Klopp difficult ahead of the busy Christmas period.

“But it would be helpful, we just have no idea when we play Tottenham on Sunday, we have no idea who is able to play,” said Klopp.

While Tottenham do play tomorrow it is still unclear who at Spurs has Covid-19.

Liverpool welcome second from bottom Newcastle United to Anfield tomorrow (Thursday), kick off 8pm.

Klopp said Roberto Firmino is back in contention Firmino after training fully yesterday, and added that Curtis Jones will be back soon.


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